Unity 3D Game Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

I’ll try to discuss all of the advantages and disadvantages of using Unity3D in this post.

I decided that the best way to do this would be to seek professional guidance on the subject, so I engaged the assistance of two seasoned mobile game developers with vast experience in the video game industry. Iván Garca Suber, Trinit coordinator, Association of Zaragoza Computer and Video Game Creator, on the one side, and Aitor Román Ibanez Androtiyas, game developer, on the other. They’ve collaborated on numerous projects that have been released as Android applications, the most well-known of which being Dragon Pet.

They said that one of the major advantages of utilising Unity 3D is Android, as industry professionals and aficionados of the platform. There are several advantages to being in a market with more people and gadgets in circulation. This is especially evident when looking at things from a social standpoint.

“We can claim that Unity3D has spent more effort to plan and create apps on the Android platform, and it shows when its benefits,” Aitor Román says. When building games with Unity3D, Google also takes use of these advantages.

Limitations of Unity3D

It, like any other instrument, has advantages and disadvantages. Ivan Garcia, an expert, assists us in learning more about the latter.

  • The most evident is that it prevents us from starting from a foundation or template, but rather from scratch, requiring you to create details. If you don’t, you’ll have to restart each game from the beginning. “It provides you nothing to work with as a general-purpose motor. Some game developers anticipate everything to be “drag and drop,” but this is not the case. In fact, I’ve always assumed that a faulty motor would be required for it to function properly “Ivan Garcia says.
  • It also lags behind competing engines, like as UDK, in terms of graphics performance. Unity 3D, on the other hand, allows you to create your own’shaders’ from scratch. Ivan Garcia, on the other hand, confessed to us that the visual design for smartphones is the moment of truth for tiny developers across the world.
  • Despite employing NVidia PhysX, a level physics engine does not have as many capabilities as other tools like UDK or CryEngine. Unity 5 is planned to fix PhysX 3.3, particularly the performance concerns, as well as introduce new features.
  • The fact that more expensive licences are available might be a barrier for freelance engineers and small development teams. The most expensive licences mostly improve graphical and performance, but they’re only worth it if you have a lot of equipment and a big project. “It also depends on the developer,” Roman Aitor says, “whether the developer would use these resources.”
  • There are various challenges to designing games particularly for cellphones using Unity. However, you do not have to pay expensive licencing. Unity free, for example, allows you to publish on the most popular platforms in recent years: Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Finally, I can state that Unity 3D is a good tool for novices as well as those who don’t have a lot of money to employ game developers. This segment of freelancers and small companies is also the one who benefits the most from Unity.


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