Top 5 PUBG New State features that make it superior than the global edition of PUBG Mobile

One of the most recent additions to the PUBG Mobile series is PUBG New State Mobile. The game is presently under production, with a release date set for the later part of 2021 or early 2022.

PUBG New State Mobile was unveiled by Krafton Inc. in February 2021. And players are really excited about the new Battle Royale game. PUBG New State Mobile has already attracted millions of gamers.

There have been a lot of questions about PUBG New State Mobile among gamers. One of the most often asked questions recently was what makes PUBG New State superior than the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile.

The top five characteristics of PUBG New State Mobile that make it better than the original edition will be discussed in this post.

Why is PUBG New State superior than the global edition of PUBG Mobile?

1) Gaming visuals that are unique

PUBG New State Mobile will have an exclusive new game graphics technology, according to Krafton Inc. According to the developers, the new technology easily outperforms all previous technologies in terms of mobile game visuals.

“Ultra-realistic visuals that exceed the limitations of mobile gaming using the ‘global illumination’ technology, PUBG: NEW STATE surpasses what was previously achievable in mobile gaming graphics,” according to the creators.

This feature clearly distinguishes PUBG New State Mobile from the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile.

2) Concept of the future

PUBG New State Mobile is set in the year 2051, and players will be pitted against opponents on a future terrain. Several highly sophisticated weaponry and drones will be included.

The teasers also indicated that the game’s vehicles have been given a futuristic makeover. Players are looking forward to playing Battle Royale in a brand new avatar. As a result, PUBG New State Mobile easily outranks PUBG Mobile’s worldwide edition.

3) A whole new map

PUBG On a fresh new 8×8 map, New State Mobile will be located in the city of Troi. The game is set in the year 2051, as previously stated. Players are anxious to descend and explore the new map as soon as possible.

At this time, just one map is expected to be introduced to the game. However, it is believed that when the game is published, more futuristic maps would be added. PUBG Fresh State Mobile is superior than PUBG Mobile’s global edition due to the notion of a new map.

4) Exclusive locations

PUBG New State Mobile developer Krafton Inc. recently teased many places. These locales are drastically different from those seen in the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile.

Buildings and points of interest in PUBG New State Mobile were designed with a futuristic style in mind. The “Exhibition Hall,” “the Mall,” and “The Laboratory” are depicted on the map, indicating that Troi is a technologically advanced city.

5) Weapon customization

In PUBG New State Mobile, players can customise their weapons to improve their performance. This feature is not available in the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile. Players may, however, attach other things to make it more efficient.

The ability to personalise weaponry in PUBG New State Mobile elevates it above the worldwide edition of the game.


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