WattTime Shift

Team: Gavin McCormick (Team Lead) Nick Firmani Caroline Karmann

WattTime Shift lets you know where your power is coming from at a given time and place, so you can choose to use power from sources which match your own personal environmental choices.

Our method is built on the latest economic research into real-time electricity market analysis. The WattTime central server scrapes real-time information from electricity market entities known as Independent System Operators, and combines this with historical data from the US EPA, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council to generate a real-time picture of what impact a given user can have on the environment at a given place and time simply by using electricity now vs. later.

Goals for the initial version of the app are to determine a user’s location; pull the appropriate electricity market analysis data from the WattTime central server; report the current environmental benefits of using less electricity now; and report a time that might be better if there will be a cleaner time soon.