Do you want to create a mobile game app? Consider Using These Development Tools

Temple Run, Candy Crush, and other famous mobile games have millions or billions of users throughout the world. Today, as mobile technology and app development capabilities advance, the pace at which people use smartphones is certainly rising at an exponential rate. People utilise such smart gadgets not only to do various activities and satisfy personal requirements, but also to enjoy themselves. As a result, mobile games are getting increasingly popular!

In comparison to console and PC games, developing a mobile game does not require years. There are a plethora of game creation tools available on the market nowadays. Creating an engaging game is not only simple but also time-saving when you use these excellent tools. Continue reading to see why the majority of game app developers place a high level of faith in these technologies.

  1. Unity –

This tool supports UnityScript, Unity’s native programming language, as well as C#. The built-in editor of this cross-platform programming tool allows you to simply modify and organise various animations and pictures. It features a unique function that allows you to quickly view all of the tool’s components. Unity’s built-in camera makes navigation a breeze.

Furthermore, you may create any system using the Unity editor. This tool’s asset shop is a marketplace where you may purchase various game components. Unity is accessible in both a professional and a free version, which is rather fascinating.

  1. Corona SDK –

The programming language Lua is used in this software development kit, which is accessible for both OS X and Windows. Corona allows you to create games without paying any money. To integrate games with advanced features, however, you must utilise the enterprise model. The game creation process is made easier with this application, which includes a Text plugin and Corona Editor.

Corona SDK is an excellent alternative for creating a cross-platform game. Furthermore, the transition library and built-in scene management will assist you in adjusting the game’s graphical characteristics.

  1. Marmalade –

Marmalade is a fantastic high-performance, quick cross-platform programming tool to utilise, whether it’s a 2D or 3D game. It works with the C++ programming language. The fast version of Marmalade, on the other hand, offers the Lua programming language, while the Marmalade Web version supports CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to create hybrid apps.

This award-winning programme is extremely popular among game creators all around the globe since it allows them to create games for both desktop and mobile platforms. Another popular tool is Marmalade Juice, which allows you to easily convert any iOS game to the Android platform.

  1. Cocos2D –

This open-source framework is used by game developers to create free games. Both Objective-C and Swift are supported by Cocos2D. The CCTransition and CCDirector classes can be used to govern the scene. Other than that, you’d use the CCAnimation class for animation, which allows you to rotate, move, scale, and so on.

Even if you write in Objective-C, the Android plug-in Spritebuilder will assist you in obtaining an Android environment in which to develop games.

Apart from the aforementioned game creation tools, SpriteKit, CryEngine, Haxe, NextPeer, Titanium, and others are some of the most popular tools on the market.


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