Team: Sidwyn Koh (Lead), Sanchit Bareja, Zhicong Lim

Occuhunt is modeled after the three most important steps of the job application process – discover, prepare, and apply. Discover delivers relevant opportunities at career fairs and job expos. These recommendations are based on profile analyses, past work experiences, and the student’s interests. For students on-the-go, the Occuhunt mobile app focuses on the best matches, and helps them navigate the myriad of recruiters and jobs that compete for their attention. The next critical step, Prepare, enables students to ask questions and upload their resumes for critique as they get ready for the final application process. Career centers and recruiters can also seize this opportunity to establish an online voice by providing answers and feedback. Last but not least, Apply helps a student organize his portfolio and demonstrate his professional competencies through past employment records and letters of recommendation. All of these are then stored online, making Occuhunt his central go-to repository for professional documents, from which he can pick out the essentials to apply for career opportunities.