Is My Weather Weird?

Team: Thomas C. Moran, Ian Tse & Jason Simon

Is My Weather Weird? is a weather app that answers a question on everyone’s mind at some point or another. Is it weird for it to be 70 degrees in Berkeley in mid-January? Is it weird to see rain in Albuquerque in late July? Is it weird for the temperature to drop to 30 degrees in Moscow in early May?

This app is about changing how everyone thinks about weather and climate by making it personal and local, by telling 1 billion stories about how the weather is compared to how it used to be. By comparing today’s weather with historical climate records we can tell you if the weather you’re experiencing today is normal or if it’s… weird. And if your weather is weird, it makes you wonder about what’s going on with the climate, doesn’t it? And if you think more about the climate and the things that might affect it, we think that’s good for you and for your planet.

“Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.” – unattributed

“Climate lasts all the time and weather only a few days.” – Mark Twain